Wonderful World of Chocolate Gallery

Welcome to Dillon’s “Wonderful World of Chocolate!” 

Here You Will Find Five Distinct and Unique Chocolate Themed “Worlds” To Enter.  These Worlds Show You a Behind the Scenes View Of Our Chocolate Company.

Here you will see a showing of Dillon’s Chocolates very own Chef Andrew Dillon along side many of his pastry and chocolate works, as he gives you a VIP look into the world of a Chef’s workplace!

Listed here are some of our favorite chocolate themed desserts.  All are home practical dessert recipes for you to test out.

  • Chocolate Facts

See what makes Chocolate so important- it can change your life.

Want to know about how it all started, why it’s still around and internationally considered the best to this very day? Of course you do! In a cocoa bean shell, this is what Belgian Chocolate is all about and why it matters to know your history and the origin of what you consume. Every bite and every nibble tastes better when you know how and why Dillon’s Chocolates are the best!

Be healthy, be happy and eat chocolate.  Find out what the buzz is about.