Wisconsin Inspired


“Dillon’s Tribute to the Great State of Wisconsin”

If you’re a Wisconsinite or have ever visited our great state especially in the Fall season, Dark Chocolate and Caramel Ganacheyou know that magical feeling you get when you stroll about the easy countryside.  My wife and I love our state and couldn’t think of a better place to live and raise our family and operate our small business.  With the changing of every season is the chance to experience anew life’s great gift to all human kind.  This is our story.  These are our passions.  This is what gives us purpose.  We draw from these many sensations the inspiration that helped create our identity for our chocolate wrappers, website, chocolate flavors and confections.  Our goal is to bring to you unparalleled chocolates and confections at a great value and to invite you to experience your own sensations every time you nibble on your own specially wrapped Dillon’s Chocolates product.  So enjoy and relax, this is worth it!

Have you ever experienced… the Springtime robins first call summoning the season to begin ushering the newest round of life to the landscape?  The energy and anticipation one feels when seeing the weather changing from cold and snowy to feeling the touch of Springs warm breeze as it flows through the trees as their buds begin to form.  Seeing the blossoms forming and the honey bees buzzing awaiting their first crab-apple tree to pollinate and watching the rolling hills of the orchards covering the vibrant green earth with a plethora of colors painted in clusters of fiery pink, pulsating violet and glowing ivory mixed with magenta.  The way the brook sparkles as you run your fingers across its swirling surface, soothing you to sleep while laying in a cool bed of absorbent lush grass freshly laid in preparation for your arrival.

Have you ever experienced… the way the summer ushers in the fullness of a deep forests camouflage of thick pines, mighty oaks and elegant birch tees?  The warming waters of streams that wind through the wild flower covered meadows, carrying with them the sustaining refreshment to the many critters of the land that make their journey to the rivers edge.  Sipping chilled glasses of lemonade on a porch while watching the sunset dissolve into the horizon and the magnificence of a summer nights firework show from fire flies that fill the air and scatter about the fog laden fields, while listening to the call of the great cricket and the noble frog bellowing down on a bog.  Taking a lazy canoe ride down the  patient crystal brook while enjoying the symphonic harmony from the countless birds about the skies and those perched on pedestals of the surrounding brambles.

Have you ever experienced… the first sight of a maple leaf changing color in the warm egg yolk yellow glow of the sun and the scent of autumn in the air that comforts the soul?  Feel Mother Natures embrace in the breeze.  Watch the leaves float effortlessly about the  hills and valleys.  Smell the season of happiness and listen to the sounds of pleasure rustling in the kaleidoscope colored trees. The laughter of children galloping though a pumpkin patch and the nod from a fellow scarecrow as you sip warm spiced cider from your favorite mug.  Gather that pile of leaves together.  Build that perfect mound, jump in and toss the leaves about.  Congregate with family and friends by that perfectly stoked fire crackling away as you compare who’s chili recipe is the best and tell stories while sipping on hot cocoa and melting s’mores.  Carve that perfect pumpkin to place on your front stoop and offer that perfect treat for the little tricksters that scamper about the bustling neighborhood streets.  Gobble-gobble is on its way and no one can resist that heart melting smell of fresh baked pumpkin pie and savory roasted turkey with all the trimmings.  We gather with our loved ones, no matter who you are or where you are from, we take time to appreciate one another and all that we have.  What a great beginning to the season of thanks and giving that lies ahead as the air becomes frigid, the leaves have blown away and the first frost has set in.  The great fall harvest has come and gone and the first snowfall is upon us.

Have you ever experienced… the magical beauty of a snowflake inching its way toward the white blanketed ground creating pillow esque mounds of cotton like snow drifts that await the first plunging into and great snow fortress to be made?  The glimmer of enchanting lights beginning to make their way to the streets and the fragrance of thick pines filling the air, while that gift list for giving starts to take shape.  We fill our homes with happiness and the nostalgia of stories from days gone by and prepare for a great season of snowball throwing, snowman making and warm spiced eggnog drinking good times.  We bring together the traditions of one and all to celebrate our lives and well being as the new year approaches and as the decorating of a tree or two is completed and a carol or two is sung, we share with one another the love and gladness from our hearts in appreciation of another great year lived.   After our glorious feast has been consumed along with an extra piece of pie and a cookie or two, we look to a new year of opportunity with aspirations of many of the same great joys from the year just lived and a few more surprises as well.  The season becomes arctic in the air and the land becomes a snowy eternity of bright white and ice sculptures.  We enjoy the many New Year’s parades and outdoor festivals where family and friends huddle together to sing songs, sip hot beverages and enjoy the small goodies that trigger our memory-lane senses.  Warm spiced pecans wrapped in shinny papers, the richness of that perfectly baked and wonderfully warm chocolate chip cookie, that rich chocolatey hot cocoa with an extra touch from a dollop of whipped cream on top or the savory flavors of a winters grill fest with various sausages and cheeses.

We live all these sensations in Wisconsin every season, every year.  We look ahead to each new season with the same hopes and dreams of fulfillment as the last and envision the festivities to be even grander than the year before.  Our eyes open up wide, our hearts begin to pound and our minds race with anticipation as we anxiously await the coming seasons, just as little children do.  This is Wisconsin and these are our inspirations.  We are made up of all these sensations and we’ve put them into the colors of our chocolate wrappers and flavors of our products.  We’ve woven them into our website so we can bring to you the same magic we experience when our senses are triggered by the very thoughts of this Wisconsin life.  You see the fall colors in our chocolate bar wrappers, as if we took any perfectly colored maple leaf and wrapped it around our delicious chocolate bar and presented this golden gift to you to enjoy.  As you paddle through our winding stream of a website, you feel your senses pulling you into a time and a land where life is easy going, the smells of the air put you aloft a smooth jet stream of euphoria, your minds eye pictures that perfect sunny day where the world is at peace and everyone harmonizes together, while indulging in life’s simple pleasures.

We thank our families for raising us here and helping instill in us all our values and for supporting us in our endeavors to present our “dream life” to you, specially wrapped in our sensation happiness .  We invite you to choose the Dillon’s Chocolates chocolate bar that calls  your name through the breeze across the valley of golden wheat and as you hold in your hand your chocolate bar of golden treasure, allow your senses to evoke these sensations as you peel back the corners of your own happiness and inhale through your nose the overwhelming power of true bliss.  As you bring your hopes and dreams in for a nibble or two remember, that as the seasons come and go and the hopes of another great season to come evolve, when you see Dillon’s Chocolates in your mind, make it your own and live this great life every day, again and again.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing no matter what the current circumstance, your sensation awaits.


Wishing you the very best,

The Dillon’s