Dillon's Chocolates, LLC Recipes

1.    Chocolate Midnight Cake
1 pound         Cocoa Powder (sifted)
5 pounds/8 ounces     Granulated Sugar
12 cups         Water (boiling)
1 quart             Salad Oil
16             Whole Eggs
2 ounces         Vanilla
1 pound/14 ounces    Cake Flour
2 pound/1 ½ ounces     All Purpose Flour
1 ¼ ounces         Salt
1 ½ ounces         Baking Soda

*Yield: 2 Full Sheet Pans
Preheat Oven: 350F
Bake Time: 25 Minutes

Mix water, cocoa powder, sugar with whisk attachment in electrical mixer
Scrape the sides of the bowl after a minute
Mix two minutes on low speed
Sift all dry ingredients in to a separate bowl
Add all liquid ingredients, mix for two minutes
Add dry ingredients on low speed, mix for twelve minutes
Spread onto a butter/greased cake pan
(Best option is to line cake pan with greased parchment paper

2.    Milk Chocolate Bavarian Cream
1 quart        Heavy Cream
2 cups        Crème Anglaise
1 pound    Milk Chocolate (chopped coarsely)
12 grams    Gelatin Powder

Mix Crème Anglaise and Heavy Cream together in a pot (bring to a light simmer; don’t boil)
Remove a small amount of the heated cream mixture, place it in a bowl and stir in the gelatin powder.
Return the cream and gelatin mixture to the large cream mixture and incorporate on low heat
Coarsely chop the milk chocolate and place in a large bowl; enough to house the cream mixture
Pour the heated cream mixture over the chocolate and stir with a spoon to fully incorporate
Place a sheet of plastic wrap directly onto of the finished product and place in the cooler
3.    Dark Chocolate Mousse
225 grams    Semi Sweet Milk Chocolate
250 grams    Heavy Cream
250 grams     Heavy Cream
1 tablespoon    Pure Vanilla Extract
4 grams        Gelatin Powder

Heat one portion of the heavy cream and vanilla in a pot to light simmer
Whip the second portion of the heavy cream to light thickness; not stiff
In a separate bowl add some of the hot cream and mix in the gelatin; return to pot
Place chopped chocolate in a large bowl; add hot cream and incorporate
Add whipped cream to the chocolate and incorporate until no streaks of cream are present
Place sheet of plastic wrap directly on top of mousse and place in the cooler

4.    Chocolate Sauce
1200 grams    Granulated Sugar
1 liter        Heavy Cream
1 liter        Water
500 grams    Cocoa Powder

Mix all ingredients into a large; bring to a boil
Bring mixture to a light simmer; reduce mixture by half of initial amount
(Mixture when complete should be very thick)

5.    Chocolate Flourless Cake
1016 grams    Dark Chocolate
500 grams    Butter
625 grams     Granulated Sugar
418 grams    Egg Yolks
Pure Vanilla (optional)
675 grams    Eggs Whites

In a large bowl, melt the chocolate and butter together
In a large mixer, whisk together the sugar, egg yolks and vanilla until thick; incorporate into chocolate mixture
In another mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites; incorporate into the yolk/chocolate mixture
Portion the batter into equally sized and butter baking dishes one third height of dish
Preheat oven to 300F
Fill a 4” deep pan one third way with water; place all batter dished in pan; making sure water does not get on batter
Place pan in the oven and bake until top slightly cracks

6.    Chocolate Soufflé
28 ounces    Whole Milk
6 ounces    Egg Yolks
17 ounces    Egg Whites
6 ounces    Granulated Sugar
3 ounces    Cornstarch
1 ea        Roux pack (see bottom for recipe)

In a pot, boil the milk
Add roux to the boiling milk whisk vigorously until fully incorporated
Place egg yolks in large bowl; add above mixture and fully incorporate
Whip whites until stiff; add cornstarch and sugar while mixing on low speed and fully incorporate
Fold above mixture into the first mixture until fully incorporated
Buttered a dish and coat it with sugar
Fill two thirds of the way and bake at 325F for 20 minutes

11 ounces    Granulated Sugar
10 ounces    All Purpose Flour
7 ounces    Butter

Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl with electric mixer using a paddle attachment; until large crumbles (resembling chunky granola)
Portion needed for the Soufflé recipe is; 12 ½ ounces

7.    Dark Chocolate Ganache
3 pounds    Dark Chocolate
1 quart         Heavy Cream
1 ounce        Vanilla

Heat cream and vanilla in a pot; until light boil
Place coarsely chopped chocolate in a large bowl
Pour cream mixture over top; incorporate till smooth

8.    Milk Chocolate Crème Brule
150 grams    Granulated Sugar
1 quart         Heavy Cream
2 cups        Whole Milk
2 ea         Eggs
1 cup        Egg Yolk
1 pound    Coarsely Chopped Milk Chocolate

Heat the milk and cream in a pot to light boil
Mix sugar and eggs in a separate bowl
Pour cream mixture over chocolate and mix until incorporated
Slowly add one cup of the chocolate mixture to the sugar and eggs mixture; whisk together
Add above mixture to the chocolate mixture and incorporate until smooth
Fill desired shape dished of equal size just below top of rim and place in a pan that can be filled with enough water to cover ½ the height of your dish
Bake in an over at 275F until mixtures jiggles in dish as one full unit

9.    Chocolate Butter Cake
330 grams    Cake Flour
55 grams    Cocoa Powder
10 grams    Baking Powder
6.5 grams    Baking Soda
192 grams    Butter (small cubes)
440 grams    Granulated Sugar
220 grams    Whole Milk
5 grams        Pure Vanilla
165 grams    Whole Milk
220 grams    Eggs

Mix all dry ingredients with butter in an electric mixer with paddle attachment; mix until small crumbly texture
Slowly mix first portion of milk and vanilla into the above mixture and incorporate until smooth
Scrape bottom and sides of bowl and mix batter until smooth
Add last portion of milk and eggs slowly in three parts; scraping and mixing bowl after each addition until batter is smooth and creamy
Add batter just over half way of a greased and parchment paper lined pan
Bake in 325F oven till top slightly cracks and forms a dome
(Do not open or bump the oven at all during the baking process)

10.    Chocolate Short dough
1 pound    Butter (cubed)
8 ounces    Granulated Sugar
3 ea        Egg Yolks
2 ounces    Heavy Cream
1 pound/8 ounces    Cake Flour
¾ cup         Cocoa Powder
1 tablespoon    Pure Vanilla

Mix all ingredients together in an electric mixing bowl using a paddle attachment
(Mix until just incorporated; don’t over-mix)
Store wrapped in plastic wrap in cooler