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Welcome To Dillon’s Chocolates

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 Dillon’s Chocolates is a family owned and operated company based out of southeastern Wisconsin.  We are a leading national supplier and distributor of the most premium chocolate to both the commercial and premium candy segments in Retail and Hospitality.  From the land know for its top quality cheese, milk, grains, beef and beer, Dillon’s Chocolates showcases the best chocolate Wisconsin has to offer and STAMPS all of our fine chocolates with our one of a kind Wisconsin brand imagery and logo.  As a matter of fact there is no other confectionary company that does what we do anywhere in the USA.   Around these parts we say “Wisconsin: It’s In Our Roots” because this is our home and no chocolate company does Wisconsin like we do. 

Our product quality you ask:

-All our chocolates are 100% pure Belgian chocolate; the finest chocolate in the world.

-We specialize in 100% All Natural Chocolate flavors that most other confectioners won’t dare touch.

-Our  Kosher certification means all our chocolates are certified pure.

-Each chocolate delicacy we create is crafted to absolute perfection with the finest skill and technique honed through years of extensive training and research.

Dillon’s Chocolates: The next best thing out of Wisconsin! 


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